Bridal Finery

Nancy Rodrigues Spirito

My Story 

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I’ve never been very good at talking about myself...(wise of me to stay away from a marketing career, I suppose!) But since you’ve taken the time to look at my site the least I can do is tell you a bit about me!

I’m inspired by textures along with the creation of all things
from concept to reality...babies, food, interiors, clothing, jewelry, manufacturing of anything!
My Mom exposed me to the art of sewing. I was so proud to wear my first project: a jumpsuit, only to be laughed at the corner convenience store while buying an afternoon snack. I felt embarrassed as any 7 year old would, for only about half a second, because I was so proud: I knew the plaid matched at every seam, the zipper aligned perfectly and the inside was as neat as the outside. Because, after all, Mom said that’s how it had to be if you were going to bother creating anything. In other words, a perfectionist in the works!

I was determined to experiment with fabrics and techniques. My dolls were always well dressed and whenever the opportunity to convince a teacher into allowing me to create a costume or pattern drafting project as a school assignment I took full liberty! My world has been filled with patterns, textures and fabrics ever since.

My work experiences have allowed me to create award winning hospitality interior design projects for nearly 20 years, share my knowledge in various classrooms including the acclaimed Rhode Island School of Design, all while creating wedding dresses as a hobby.

This hobby led to the inception of Bridal Finery in 1992, a custom atelier specializing in styling and dressing clients in just the right accessories to reflect their style and personality. A romantic at heart with an affliction for quality sparkle, Bridal design and the ability to go on location is the common thread that fulfills my passion to create and bring my (many!) years of design expertise together.

Well, since you’re still reading...
I prefer being behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera, I regularly sew for charitable causes, I enjoy adventurous vacations, living bayside, and chillin’ in our Vermont cabin in the woods with family and friends. A suitcase is always present and ready to go - be it on location or vacation!

Professionally, my work has graced the pages and screens of WellWed Magazine, Bliss Celebrations, The Providence Journal, RI Monthly, WJAR television. I have received recognition from clients and peers through RI Monthly, Newport Wedding Magazine, The Knot and Wedding Wire “Best Of” awards.

My handiwork and passion for textiles earned me a coveted spot as a restoration team member at Doris Duke’s Rough Point mansion in Newport RI. And my dedication to continue education has resulted in earning Master Seamstress certification.

Enough about me....tell me about you, your love story and your vision.